Terms of Service



  1. COST/PAYMENT: The regular costs of training and behavior consulting is $100.00 per session (prices may vary depending on the training and availability) and lasts approximately 45-75 minutes.  More serious cases and prices will be discussed before a follow up appointment.

Check, cash, or Paypal is accepted and is due at the end of the session.

Some behavioral cases can take weeks or months of work and a lifetime of management on the pet owner’s part. Severe cases may be referred out to a Veterinary Behaviorist. 


  1. SESSION DETAILS: All sessions will be in your home, Unless Otherwise noted.
    – TRAINING SESSIONS are broken up into 25% interview where we discuss the issues and 75% of the time is dedicated to working with the dog hands on. Obviously the more issues there are, the more time will be taken on each issue.

– BEHAVIOR CONSULTATIONS (which generally apply to fear, aggression, and/or anxiety) are usually 75% interview and 25% hands on. The reason for this is that we do not try to place the dog in an environment to recreate his/her issues just for the sake of recreating it. If this applies I will most likely send you a behavioral questionnaire that will need to be filled out and returned a minimum of 3 days before our first appointment.

Your appointment slot is an estimate.  Please allow up to a one hour window around that time for me to arrive. 


To better utilize the time of each session it’s recommended that you identify 1 or 2 more problematic issues to focus on. Think of the most serious ones. Many times several issues are related to one single underlying issue, which is the point of the interview.

I may have some students wishing to complete training hours and they may be present to observe the session if I determine it is safe and will not negatively affect the session. If you don’t wish to have others observe please let me know before we schedule our appointment.


During training session you may just watch my techniques, take notes, or try them yourself hands on. Since there are three types of learners, (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) please let the trainer know what works for you. We can adjust the lesson to fit your needs. If there are others in the household it is recommended that they participate in the sessions to promote consistency in the pet’s training.


    I do my best to book people no more than two weeks in advance and make sure that I’m prepared for each client by gathering information unique to their needs. It also takes time to route appointments each day to make sure I can get to appointments on schedule. If you’re case requires a history form be completed I only book an appointment once that form has been returned to me. This is to ensure that each scheduled appointment is not taken up by completing paperwork.

If for some reason you wish to cancel or reschedule I do have a cancellation policy:

– If you wish to cancel please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to fill that opening with somebody else.

– LATE CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel 25-72 hours from the scheduled appointment, I still require 50% of the quoted price to make up for the time lost and trying to book another appointment short notice. 
– Cancellations within 24 hrs are due at full and nonrefundable.


  1. DISTRACTIONS: We require that if you have the other dogs in the home please keep them separate from the one we’re going to focus on when I arrive. If your pet is displaying any type of fear or aggression we recommend having it secured and comfortable prior to us arriving.
    If you have any small children in the home I require that you have somebody else to help take care of them during that time so we can better work without distractions (children, television, guests, etc).


  1. VIDEO/PHOTOS: In some cases we may ask to record video or take photos of the dog/cat or sessions. This is to try and capture any subtle body language, triggers, or to show the process of working with some cases. These photos/videos are used solely for the purpose of research and education.


  1. HOMEWORK: In many cases we receive calls from pet owners that have considered a professional dog trainer/behavior consultant as a “last resort”. Meaning that the animal may be in danger of being rehomed, sheltered, or euthanized. We must make it clear that any type of dog training or behavior modification is a system of trial and error. 
    Science based methods, which we use, are not always 100% and the clients must understand that the process is not instant and results can vary from animal to animal. We try to make sure that we understand the problems the client and animal are going through, we use the most humane methods of training and behavior modification, but we can never guarantee the same results or a time frame for success in modifying behavior. Much of dog training and behavior involves on the work the client is involved in.


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