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by Pete and Nuzzles on Blank Business Name

My Nuzzles was a handful and needed good guidance. I met Mercedes while she was training another dog and I was very impressed. She came to our home and within ten minutes had Nuzzles under control and moving forward with other commands. Due to Mercedes skills and communication, my training began that day also.Today, Nuzzles is the best friend a guy could have. We walk twice daily, happily on and off leash, while in the company of other dogs and people. Mercedes gave my boy confidence, guidance and behavioral skills which bring pleasure twenty-four hours every day. She is absolutely the best professionally and personally, we love her dearly for the joy she brought to our lives.

I brought my German Shepherd from Germany in October and he immediately became agressive and out of control. I checked with a local trainer who referred me to Mercedes Moore and she came to my rescue. The first time she came to the house we made a little progress, the second time he was a little better, but by the third time she came to the house he was literally eating out of her hand. The 4th time she came out she brought a visitor and he was absolutely wonderful with her. Mercedes has worked miracles for my dog Ricco, I now have the dog back that was so wonderful in Germany. Thank you Mercedes!
-Cindy Hamilton and “Rico”

Mercedes has been the best possible thing that could have happened to my dog Jake and me. She works for a program that trains service dogs for wounded warriors. I have PTSD and would not be able to function in public without the training and help she has given to me and Jake. My dog has progressed quicker than I could have ever imagined, thanks to The Motivated K9. I would strongly recommend her to anyone with a pet, no matter the problem. My dog was not a young puppy, but an older dog. Mercedes has put to rest the old saying that “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” She can, and Jake is living proof. Thank you Mercedes for all of your hard work and dedication.
-Mathew Harris and “Jake”

I have a three year old PitBull, name Cordova. I was having trouble figuring out how to train her to come to me. She is too smart for my own good sometimes… Mercedes came out to help me figure my pup out. She worked with me and Cordova for about half an hour and both Cordova and I learned A LOT! Cordova now comes when called, and I have learned how to call her to me without looking/sounding like a lunatic with a crazy runaway dog.
– Brittney Pulk and “Cordova”

Last week Mercedes came to my home to help me master walking my dog without being pulled and tugged. She also showed me ways to help him gain focus on me and not become to easily distracted. I enjoyed her gentle and patient approach with my dog and I think my dog enjoyed it too. By the end of the session he looked mentally exhausted and almost wanted to follow her home because of all the treats he got! I appreciate all her help and would recommend her if you are struggling with training your dog.
-Katrina Tanner and “Rock”

Wonderful, great trainer! Helped us with our puppy, she had some anxiety and very scared of people and the outside world. Mercedes helped my puppy be comfortable and able to greet people and love to go on walks! Thank you! Very pleased with this business!
– Andrea Hohn and “Kiya”

I’ve trained next to Mercedes, and consider her to be one of the best trainers out there. Her positive training methods ensure both dog and handler have a fun time while learning new skills. Her prices are agreeable, and you can’t beat the service. Mercedes is a trainer who cares for her clients, two-legged and four-legged.
– Loren Ellis.

I have a border collie mix I picked up as a 6 week old puppy. I’ve never had a puppy before so it was very much human training! Mercedes was very adaptive to my needs. I drive truck for a living and training has been complicated. My dog is super smart and easy to train but I had to be trained in order to help my pup become the dog she could be. She loves animals and it shows! My dog is kinda crazy but loves to please. She’s becoming a great dog and a lot of that is due to efficient human training! Thanks Mercedes!
– Peter Fredrickson and “Chassis”

Well done. The dynamics of multiple rescue dogs . . of totally different backgrounds and motivations. Mercedes taught so much . . very knowledgeable lady. Good to hear from an expert.. .we might be ok after all.
– David Foley

There’s a strong separation in the world of dog training. There are many techniques, theories, and styles. If you got three dog trainers in the same room together, two of them would only agree with each other that the 3rd one is wrong. Mercedes wouldn’t be in that room; she would be too busy improving the relationship between a dog and it’s owner. Would definitely recommend her.
– Charlie Moreno CPDT-KA

Our 2 yr old German Shepard that my kids found running wild was moved here from Indiana when my son moved here was not accepted by our 10 year old Border Collie. We had to keep them separated for a long while. Then we called Mercedes and she came out and helped us with both of them. She showed us what to do and told us some other things to try. After a couple of weeks there was a big difference in them both. I’m happy to say the two dogs are best friends now. Mercedes is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone.
-Liz Hudson-Harris

Thank you again for giving us something to move forward with valor 😀 we are getting a clicker now with some yummy treats to continue it ♥ I appreciate all you have told me I was very please with how it was done and the knowledge I was given ♥
– Amber Ode and “Valor”

For anyone looking for an awesome dog trainer, Mercedes is the gal! I just met her through her work at the vet clinic and hired her to help me with a high energy Belgian Malinois (Amy was 8 months old at time of starting the training turned 9 months today)! She has Amy working so amazingly in such a short time, building her confidence also! I have had dogs all my life and am experienced in dog training but a disability has kept me from working Amy like I would like too. Keeping her at a nice heal position and not pulling or getting excited when meeting other people or dogs (Amy loves everyone) has been a real challenge but Mercedes works with her in a very professional, loving and gentle way! Amy is also going to be a service dog for me learning to pick up items I have dropped and Mercedes has experience with service dog training too. I had never met Mercedes before, but I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring help or just basic training for you companion dog!
-Laura Kelley and “Amy” and “Dillion”

Would recommend to anyone! Almost gave up on my girls who constantly fought & hope was fading fast! A friend sent me in this direction & I called asap! Work was professional & what I was told was very helpful! I can now say my girls are much better with each other,& are on the road back to being able to be around each other again!
-Kiersten Lynn Conetto and “Rogue” and “Elektra”

We’ve been loving working with Mercedes. She has helped us work with our 10 month old German Shepard. Her ideas are practical and she teaches us (myself, husband, son age 11, and daughter age 6) how to work with our puppy. She’s also done a great job educating us about dogs so we understand how to train our dog more effectively and why some methods work and some won’t. Thank you!
-Katie Mettler and “Shadow”

Mercedes is a wonderful trainer! I have learned and still learning a lot on how to train my k-9
-Anna Bowman and “Sadie”

My family and I rescued a dog last year and I needed help with training. The methods I was taught in the past, my pup was not receptive to. I needed some new tools to use. I have been working with Mercedes for a few months now and am so glad I found her! Not only has she taught me how to motivate my dog. She has great recommendations and knowledge. She is kind, patient but firm. Well rounded in her experience. I would recommend her to anyone. I was also scared to have someone that came to my home for fear of prices as well, but she is very reasonable as well. Thank you Mercedes!
-Nicole Carey and “Taylor”

We have a 4 year old newfoundland that had pulling issues on the leash. Mercedes came to our home and supplied us with great trailing tools and working with our dog. We have only been working with him for a week now and we have already seen great improvement with him, I look forward to journey with our dogs training with Mercedes.
Mercedes is great, I would recommend her to anyone !!!!
-Sharon Germano and “Hammish”